Looking to solve your computer issues?

Our approach to computer management is designed to save you time, money and most importantly keep you sane.

Make sure all of your important information is safe and your computers are being monitored so you can focus on doing what you do best by subscribing to one of the plans below.


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What we offer

Management plans to help improve your computer performance and safety.

Our 2 management plans are designed to make sure your data is safe and help keep you focused on your business


VIC Management Plan (Very Important Client)


      1. Computer monitoring 24/7
      2. Managed antivirus
      3. Website hosting and registration
      4. Microsoft Office 365 Standard
      5. Backup of Office 365 in real time
      6. Main business computer backup
      7. Password Vault
      8. Security testing of your network and monitoring

$160 per month per user


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Hardware and Software Management Plan

  1. All items in the VIC plan
  2. 1 hour onsite free per month
  3. Backups of all computers
  4. Free new business office computer (i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro, 24” Screen, wireless keyboard and mouse) for each user every 3 years.



$230 per month per user


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Unlimited phone and email support (0800 – 1830, Monday to Saturday)

Guaranteed 4 hour response time (0800 – 1830, Monday to Saturday)

Monthly testing of all backup systems and the installation of software updates to be completed outside of normal business hours